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Calciobalilla without coin acceptor approved by LICB (Italian Balilla Football League)
Mobile without monobloc coin mechanism
Iron structure of the legs integrated into the cabinet, where the legs themselves act as angular, making the football extremely stable
Cabinet in multilayer poplar stiffened with two outer birch sheets for a total thickness of 30 mm
Omit from new design, with innovative shaped feet
Play table in plastic laminate, milled on the perimeter to cancel the step between the top and glass bead (patented system)
New glass stop list with minimum size and low gradient
Length of Field 113cm
80 × 80 angular iron legs, varnished with epoxy powder, with articulated and self-levelling feet for total adherence to the ground
New grips in rubber latex with hand guard that allow a good grip and reduce the sweating of the hands.
Telescopic rods diam. 18 mm. High resistance tempered steel, treated with double chromium plating p

playing field size
113 x 70 cm

Overall dimensions
137 x 110 x 90 CM

140 x 80 x 30 CM

85 Kg

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