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Model for indoor, green or blue, for family use and amateur model for indoor, folding, with green or blue piano game, is indicated for family use and amateur play.
The game plan, with regulatory measures from the tournament, is made in materials suitable to obtain a good quality in the bouncing of the ball.
The table is equipped with devices that greatly facilitate closing operations and displacements, such as automatic closure, net and permanent tensing, double wheels.
Indoor Training allows you to lift one of the two floors to play alone and is also suitable for use by people with reduced mobility.
Complies with European Harmonised safety standards EN 14468-1/2.
TRAINING Model INDOOR blue field game cm. 274 x 152.5 x 76 Dimensions when folded: cm. 152.51/1842 (length) x 66.5 (base) x 187 (height) frame Ø mm. 25 Weight Kg. 69

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