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Professional table football with coin mechanism.
Furniture in multilayer plywood of poplar covered in plastic laminate, consisting of two blocks that can be opened by means of two pressure locks that allow access to the internal parts and to the coin drawer.
Top in anodised aluminium that forms a barrier of protection to the timber, preserving it from infiltrations of humidity and solar rays, without any need for any treatment over time.
Legs in all. NiO anodized. Telescopic rods diam. 18 mm in drawn steel treated with double chromium plating.
Play surface in unbreakable tempered glass mm. 5 thick
Bushings in plastic material with high sliding
€0.50 series coin mechanism, on request, calibrated with other coin or tokens
On request: Outgoing rods diam. 18
Internal drawer for coin recovery

779.00 €
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