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Professional table with coin mechanism
Indoor model, produced with materials that fear moisture
Cabinet composed of poplar plywood covered in MDF to obtain an extremely solid and heavy material able to withstand the stresses of the most fierce competitions.
White metal doors to have a clear distinction in the shots in the door and accentuating the acoustics.
Play field with lowered corners, new production (exclusive design by Roberto Sport), glass-cut lists replaced by fingernail in small plastic material that ensure a perfect return in the shore shoots and not deflecting the ball prevent the Same bait from the game field.
field in 6 mm plastic laminate, serigraphed and fastened to a top in MDF to ensure perfect levelling.
You can choose to have the model with a glass play field and glazing
Top edges in white painted aluminium
Hardened steel rods, telescopic diam. 18, high in

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