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Professional football table for competitions.
Cabinet made of poplar plywood covered in MDF to obtain an extremely solid and heavy material able to withstand the stresses of the most fierce competitions and ensure absolute precision in the shore shoots.
Top in anodized aluminium, extruded in 6060 alloy, unchangeable over time, which forms a barrier of protection to timber, preserving it from infiltrations of moisture and sunlight.
Legs in square metal 90 × 90 varnished with epoxy powder with adjustable foot and fitted with a rubber suction cup for a total adhesion to the ground, reinforced also with a cross for absolute stability.
Rubber latex grips with hand guard that allow a good grip and reduce the sweating of the hands.
Piano game in sanded glass that eliminates the annoying reflexes and also allows the game to hooks
Telescopic rods diam. 18 mm. Tempered steel with a high carbon content that increases

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